Executive Committee / Mentors

President – Dave Grant

John David Grant or “Dave” as he is known by everyone is the President of the BCC Knights of Eanna. Dave originally founded the chess club in Colaiste Eanna and worked tirelessly to see it grow and blossom into the club we have running today. Dave oversaw the clubs move from being a “school club” to become its own separate entity. Dave works on a day to day basis to oversee the running of the club, he works tirelessly to make sure the club runs smoothly and continues to grow.

Dave as a person is the most charismatic man you will ever meet. His experience working in a school environment can be seen through his interaction with the members of the club. Dave’s main responsibility is to overview the management and administrative operation of the club and provide leadership and support to all its members. He has an excellent understanding of human relationships and attitudes.

Vice-President – Ronan Sutton

Ronan Sutton is the Vice President of the BCC Knights of Eanna. The main duty of the vice president is to assist the president and other club officers in completing their duties. It is also the vice president’s job to effectively contribute to the club’s operations. To do this effectively, you must be involved with the work and understand the policies of the club. Ronan does all of this and more.

Ronan is currently the best-ranked player in the club and helps with the mentoring of the younger and older members. He himself has a quiet personality but that only helps him to relate to the members on a more one to one basis. Ronan only took up chess three years ago, but since then he has expressed a massive interest and is now the best player in our club. Ronan engages in every activity in the club and with all the other officers, making sure that they are doing their job efficiently and that things are running smoothly.

Secretary – Robert Rutledge

The role of a Club Secretary carries out includes engaging all the administrative work that allows the club and its members to run smoothly. The Club Secretary is one of the key roles within the club, he/she is involved in all aspects of the club.

Rob is our current club secretary. He is a first-year college student who volunteers every Wednesday and Friday in the club. Rob has been in the club since its origin 7 years ago in Colaiste Eanna. He along with a few others has seen it grow into the first-class club we see today. Rob has a general love for chess and helping the kids, teenagers and older age groups that join the club.

Treasurer – John Purcell

The position of treasurer in a club is an important one. The treasurer is in charge of managing the clubs finances. This includes the collection and disbursement of funds with support from the President and the rest of the committee members. The treasurer’s main role is to keep an accurate recording of the books that will allow him/her to present a fully accurate financial report whenever one is requested.